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ballet-stretchI always wanted to be a contestant in something like this but  they didnt have them in my day.  Its not like a Miss World beauty pagent,  these girls have guts, brains, muscles AND beauty !!! This year I am a very happy girl because I am one of the judges !!  Here’s a bit about them from their website, please share because its so inspiring for all ages.
We have grown from strength to strength in just a short period of time. MGU was founded in the summer of 2011 and launched with confidence running boot camps for girls at the end of 2011 with the promise of the only all-female fitness pageant to be on at the NEC in May 2102.
Muscle & Fitness Magazine along with the industry Magazine Workout stood by this new show, supporting and assisting women in fitness and the NEC saw 50 girls take to the stage and 36 of them partake in the fitness tests.
With pressure off the girls to do another one, show organisers Sarah Donohue booked the Alban Arena and on October 20th 2012, Miss Galaxy Universe showed her true colours. 


The show had the glitz of Miss World and the excitement of something the UK had never seen before. With entry being stopped at 50 girls again due to the complexity of the show, and Sarah’s insistence that the show must finish pre 8pm because ‘the girls must eat as they have been watching their figures all day.’ This show was spectacular with many professional saying its the ‘best looking show in the UK’.
Pressure was on again for the next show, and with Miles Jennings the prize money sponsor and a very dear friend of Sarah’s, and Jacqueline Hooton a fitness athlete herself, working alongside Sarah, the show opened for registration in January 2013 for a stage show not until June 2013. The fact that entry was open, spread like wildfire and was fully booked within 6hrs, 75 girls had now fought to enter this popular show.”

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