Oct 222013

I’m lucky enough to be judging the Miss Galaxy Universe Competition this weekend.  It’s a growing group of girls who work tirelessly all year on their physical fitness and their individual beauty.  They come together to compete, although in my eyes every single one of them deserves a prize.   It’s so much more inspiring and pleasing to us all to see these women who really work on their physical health and beauty as opposed to complaining about their muffin tops!

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Having said that it isn’t always our fault because there are so many chemicals used in packaged foods and we don’t know what they are doing to our health and body weight.   Scientists have named them Excitotoxins.  Using rats, sadly, they proved four particular excitotoxins cause cancer, adult-onset diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s and strokes, which just happen to be the major health epidemics we are experiencing today. Excitotoxins have no nutritional value and are flavour enhancers to get us hooked or extend shelf life. Excitotoxins interfere with and alter the chemical make up of the brain, (ADHD), liver and kidneys (obesity), pancreas (adult-onset diabetes) and heart (stroke).

  1. MSG aka monosodium glutamate — a flavour enhancer that tricks the brain into thinking foods taste better, creating a craving, stopping the pancreas recognising when blood sugar levels are too high, and sending insulin to change sugar into fat = obesity.  It is that toxic it is used in the Philippines to kill dogs, why should it bein your food?!
  2. High fructose corn syrup — implicated in adult-onset diabetes because it reduces stores of chromium which are essential to balance insulin levels. It bypasses leptin, which is needed for appetite control, allowing you to eat a whole packet of biscuits and still not be full. It alters magnesium balance which leads to bone loss and low magnesium is also associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  3. Hydrogenated oils — lower good cholesterol and cause serious issues with bad cholesterol. They make fat cells resistant to insulin causing obesity and diabetes. They are used by every fast-food restaurant, and if the label says 100 per cent vegetable oil it is probably hydrogenated oil, otherwise known as trans-fats.
  4. soft-drinksWorst is Aspartame/Nutrasweet/Splenda. The Food and Drug Administration in USA lists 92 symptoms caused by Aspartame, from arthritis, asthma to migraines, memory loss, vision loss and obesity. In the body Aspartame breaks down into methanol, which converts to formaldehyde, causing your body to turn to acid. Too acidic, you crave carbohydrates — a vicious circle.

Neuro-surgeon, Dr Russel Blaylock MD, has written a book, A Taste that Kills. Visit Amazon for more details and download a Kindle Sample of it to read.
And remember — read your labels.

If you’re one of those girls that finds losing weight very difficult try my MetaSlim to boost metabolism.

Yours in health always


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