Jun 272014
  • Do things about your partner really annoy you when they never used to?
  • Do you slam the door?
  • Are you on the verge of tears constantly?
  • Is road rage something that rears its ugly head?
  • Do you need a glass of wine two hours earlier than usual?
  • Middle-age Spread?
  • Night Sweats?
  • Hot Flashes?
  • Does everything in general just “piss you off”?

This is what happens when you are peri-menopausal and that means your body is not making the same levels of hormones that it used to.  All quite normal and happens to everybody but it’s really annoying!  The first thing you need to know is that you DON’T need HRT.

Our hormones won’t drop equally as we deplete progesterone sooner than oestrogen.  Progesterone is the hormone needed to reduce the symptoms of peri-menopause.  It improves your mood and your sleep and protects from oestrogen’s potential effects of  breast and uterine cancer. Progesterone is made primarily by the adrenal glands but most of us have low level adrenals due to our hectic lifestyle. Depleted progesterone causes some women to have really bad periods.  This is definitely the case for sufferers of endometriosis because the minute you start using a product called wild yam cream (progesterone) your periods become normal.  I suffered from endrometriosis until I was 48.  After doing the research for my menopause book I started using wild yam cream and my hormones became balanced,  I had my first “normal” period.

Science tells us that if  we keep our levels of  hormones, vitamins and minerals up, then we can age without the negative symptoms associated with it.

So we can supplement our hormone levels naturally with foods such as yams, fennel and kale or, we can just take a chemically created pill as in HRT, but why would anyone want to take hormones made from the urine of pregnant horses? (Google Premarine Mares)

signs-of-menopauseYour body is its own laboratory and will use whatever natural biologically identical supplement you give it, or pee it away.  With HRT which is a one pill fits all synthesised product, your body will store it and after 4-5 years you have to come off it or risk getting cancer.  Some women can be on HRT for 30 years and have nothing happen to them but, that’s usually women who started out with no hormones in the first place i.e. hysterectomy or removal of ovaries.

For most of us 48 and over we can diagnose ourselves, we know what’s due to happen at this stage in life and we can just start using the all natural products and never feel a symptom.   I’m 62 and never had a hot flash and neither have some of my clients because we nipped it in the bud.  We didn’t let our hormone levels fall so we’re not suffering.  It wasn’t necessary for doctors to tell us what was needed, in fact most of them don’t believe in natural alternatives and will give you HRT.

Women like ourselves who want to take responsibility for our own bodies.  This is what the government want us to do but take away our ability to do so away by only giving us one option, the Doctor.  One common herb used for thousands of years by women to control hormonal imbalances was recently banned for sale in the USA and the UK for our own safety.  After Government  research it was discovered to cause non-fatal liver damage, but on further investigation it was in fact due to poor Chinese farmers adding a similar herb of the same family to increase the crop yield.  So instead of telling us that and what to avoid, they simply took it off the market leaving us high and dry.  With no explanation until my chemist dug deep to find this out.

Girls, it’s really not that complicated.  We can fix ourselves easily. 

Yours in health always


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