About Angie Best


I’m still working out, not only working out but teaching 2-3 classes a day, not in Malibu but in good old England.


I’ve been an exercise fanatic for as long as I can remember. It started with ballet classes at the age of 5 and carried on whilst living in New York as a model. I joined the classes at the ballet bar with the dancers of Carnegie Hall during warm-up. In the 70’s (I was 22) I found myself in Beverley Hills teaching a modified dance class to the then Hollywood Starlets, Britt Eckland, Maud Adams, Prescilla Presley and Cher to name but a few. This all took place in the back of Richard Simmons’ restaurant called (only in America!) Ruffage and the Anatomy Asylum! This was just before the Jane Fonda aerobic class craze. After a year of the “Asylum” I left Richard because Cher asked me to be her personal trainer.

Along came the 80’s and I was still out on tour with Cher keeping her fit to perform every night and look sensational. The 80’s gym scene exploded! Parachute pants, big hair, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta inspired us in the dance style aerobic class crazy movie “Perfect”. Pumping Iron was Arnie’s cult film which drove us all to the gym to create enormous muscles, in fact we treated the gym like a new wave nightclub.

There was no such thing as counting calories, losing weight or watching our glycemic index. Sweet and Low, Margarine and Egg Beaters (fake eggs) were marketed as “health foods” or healthy alternatives.We took hours to get ready, we had all the accessories such towelling head and wristbands, the thong leotard, the brightest tights and of course penty of spandex. We worked out because it was FUN!

Looking back it was a strange, crazy and delightfully naive time, we had fun! It’s now 2013 and we work out / keep fit / go to the gym for completely different reasons. We have a very clear understanding of what we need to do to preserve our health, our looks and we are desperate to do so.

We now research the proper information on our diets, we battle government and pharmaceutical companies who continue to produce synthetic foods and additives that create a kaleidescope of unwanted malladies and biological changes in our bodies.

I aim to help women all over the world to keep as healthy and vital as they possibly can in this age of new experimentation. One thing you can be sure of is we need exercise and supplementation in our diets more than ever.

My Metaphysical Supplements range has 5 initial products to choose from so you can all start benefitting from them ASAP. I have made sure there is plenty of information detailing the ingredients and why I chose them.

There will be more added as the weeks go by so check back soon and look out in the press for announcements.

Yours in health


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