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angie-cherPlease take your time to read through the benefits of my supplements.  I have selected them to help women of any age with hormonal imbalances, anxiety, sleep problems, joint and bone health, weight management, energy levels and more.  The MetaBalance contains anti-anxiety ingredients and B Complex, essential during times of stress and is suitable for men too.

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I’ve been an exercise fanatic for as long as I can remember. It started with ballet classes at the age of 5 and carried on whilst living in New York as a model. I joined the classes at the ballet bar with the dancers of Carnegie Hall during warm-up. In the 70’s (I was 22) I found myself in Beverley Hills teaching a modified dance class to the then Hollywood Starlets, Britt Eckland, Maud Adams, Prescilla Presley and Cher to name but a few. This all took place in the back of Richard Simmons’ restaurant called (only in America!) Ruffage and the Anatomy Asylum! This was just before the Jane Fonda aerobic class craze. After a year of the “Asylum” I left Richard because Cher asked me to be her personal trainer.  Read more here…..

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